I am a visual artist and I have three creative activity streams – abstract painting, digital art created on an iPad and musical soundscaping. See my CREDO if you want to know about my beliefs regarding creative intelligence and awakening human potential.


The journey to my present focus on creativity and energy began with a formal education in Physical and Health Education, I followed this degree with a Masters degree in Human Development in 1983. Both degrees are from Laurentian University. After graduating I was involved with elite athlete testing and evaluated the physical performance of Canada's top swimmers and Nordic skiers. I received an Exercise Specialist Certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and the Canadian Association of Sports Sciences in 1984.


For several years in the mid 1980s, I led the development and implementation of a comprehensive community based cardiac rehabilitation program through Memorial Hospital. In the early 1990s, I became Executive Director of a pilot project called Heart Health. For five years I led a large community coalition focused on shifting the health culture of the Sudbury Region towards a culture of disease prevention and health promotion. Our coalition advocated for civic policy change and we implemented workplace and school based programming to increase awareness and promote healthy lifestyle choices. During this time I volunteered as a Provincial Board member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and for a short time chaired the Ontario Fitness Council.


In the mid 1990s, I joined a facilitation and consulting company called Quantum Solutions. During my tenure with this company I was the lead consultant for a major organizational change process for a leading health agency in Toronto. In 1997, I founded my own company called Group Insights consulting and have practiced as a facilitator, team builder and coach every since. During that time I collaborated (and still do) with Potentials Unlimited on organizational development approaches to improve performance and communication in the workplace. In 2000, I collaborated with IC International and developed and delivered a global, highly regarded five day immersion coaching program called Destination Coach which is still being offered in western Canada and in Scotland. I received Coaching Certification (2005) from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland in part to recognize this foundational coaching work.


In 2004, I launched a second career path as a visual artist. I also began an active interest in music. In 2007, I rebranded my company The Creative Moment. I'm dedicated to bringing creative and artistic experiences to organizations interested in developing their creative and innovative abilities. My interest in creativity and boosting human energy through the arts has blossomed to the point where I am now clear on an approach that will guide individuals who are interested in exploring their creative side. Using a combination of visual art activities, music and soundscaping I assist others in their own professional or personal development as creative individuals.

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"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."


Pablo Picasso